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Why Do I Need Chargeback Analytics?

The first step to any efforts to control and ameliorate chargebacks begins with understanding the nature and sources of your chargebacks. Our comprehensive chargeback analytics dashboards give you all the information you need about your chargebacks in customizable, easy-to-use formats. Our dashboards offer valuable chargeback prevention tools that help you manage your merchant accounts to help you avoid costly chargebacks, construct fraud prevention solutions, and engage in other chargeback management strategies.


Practical Uses

  • Solve duplicate chargeback issues through the use of BIN analytics
  • Download refunds by alerts provider and send them to your accounting department for reconciliation
  • Compile authoritative data from gateway processors about refunds, decline/accept rate and chargeback amount that can be used for accounting purposes
  • Have us contact alerts providers about duplicate alerts to request refunds and credit them to you on a monthly basis

Chargeback Analytics Key Features

Deep Analytics & Insights.svg
Your Data Your Way

Sort chargebacks, prevention alerts, and refunds by BIN, company, issuing bank, price point, date, transaction sequence, and credit card company

Get Geeky with It
Get Geeky with It

Drill down deep into the details or see your whole chargeback ecosystem at a birds-eye view

Alerts Analytics
Alerts Analytics

Sort chargeback alerts by descriptor, acceptance rates, alerts provider, and win rate

Export Reports
Export Reports

View or export reports on MID health, MID overview, and other chargeback reports in CSV or Excel format

Chargeback Accounting
Chargeback Accounting

Get reports and analytics for different types of accounting such as cash accounting and accrual-based accounting

Chargeback Prevention
Reduce Chargebacks

Chargeback analytics help you identify problems with fraud before they turn into chargebacks

Why Should I Choose MidMetrics™?

In many ways, our chargeback analytics dashboards are the heart of MidMetrics™. We developed them out of necessity to use for our own merchant businesses, giving us a powerful, real-time adaptive tool for monitoring the health of our MIDs and keeping track of our entire chargeback ecosystem. This tool has been valuable to our businesses to reduce chargeback disputes and friendly fraud and we think it can be valuable to yours, as well.

There is nothing else on the market that provides the level of control and depth of valuable information as our dashboards. Additionally, MidMetrics™ is the only provider that offers analytics dashboards, chargeback prevention alerts, and a representments solution together in a single platform.

Improve customer experience and reduce fraudulent transactions, fraud costs, and future chargebacks with our chargeback management tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

Chargeback analytics are the product of systematic computational analysis of chargeback data. They go beyond merely looking at the chargeback reason codes or the original transaction details. For MidMetrics, our chargeback analytics platform presents this information in the form of multifaceted, customizable dashboards that give you a comprehensive, detailed look at your chargebacks.

A proper chargeback analytics platform should allow you to both:

  1. View your chargeback data in broad, customizable categories in order to get an understanding of key chargeback trends; and
  2. Drill down into the details of particular categories of chargebacks or even individual chargebacks in order to glean insights from those more specific examples.

You could concoct a DIY solution, such as manually entering them into a spreadsheet. Or you could employ sophisticated chargeback analytics dashboards.

Any merchant who is worried about protecting their merchant accounts, particularly high-risk merchants. These sorts of chargeback management tools can help increase customer retention, streamline business operations, and reduce fraud and consumer disputes. Chargeback analytics offers an additional layer of protection combined with prevention alerts. Comprehensive analytics can help you reduce eCommerce fraud, affiliate fraud, and illegitimate chargebacks.