Frequently Asked Questions

Chargeback Management

What does a chargeback analyst do?

Chargeback analysts may provide a number of different services, including responding to chargebacks and alerts, pursuing representment, and analyzing a merchant's chargebacks in order to provide recommendations for reducing them in the future. Whether or not a merchant finds these services worthwhile depends on the cost of the chargeback analyst, the amount of money saved by their efforts, and whether or not the merchant feels capable of performing those tasks themselves. The proper chargeback tools may allow some merchants to keep chargeback analyst efforts in-house.

Chargeback Management

What happens when a cardholder disputes a transaction?

Depending on the circumstances of the transaction, policies of the card brand, and whims of the various stakeholders in the transaction, a cardholder dispute can take numerous forms and have multiple possible conclusions. But the most consequential outcome, from a merchant’s perspective, is a chargeback. Preventing chargebacks, fighting chargebacks, and generally managing chargebacks requires a thorough understanding of the chargeback process.